2nd Cross-border stakeholder event took place

On 9 November 2011 the 2nd Cross-border stakeholder event took place in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Vilnius, Lithuania incorporated in the 3rd Annual Baltic Energy Conference. All in all the 3rd Annual Baltic Energy Conference (8-9 November) attracted over 100 national and international representatives from leading organisations in the Energy sector.

The SB OFF.E.R project gave presentations on various challenges facing the Offshore Wind sector in the South Baltic Sea Region. Key topics included: employment opportunities, cluster development and overcoming engineering challenges, legislative incentives were also mentioned as well as the role of public acceptance. Presenters in this session include Christian Weiss (LB, Rostock Business), Andreas Wagner (PP2, German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation), Mariusz Witonski (PP10, Polish Wind Energy Society), Tilman Schubert (representative of the WEBSR2 project - Hydrogen Technology Initiative Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Reg. Association) and Stasys Paulauskas (PP8, LWEA). Kristor Poole Jonsson (Vestas) followed this session with a presentation on “A global wind manufacturer’s view of the Baltic wind power potential”. Here you can download the presentations as well as the list of participants »

The following panel discussion included a debate on the role of onshore wind as well as offshore projects. This was hosted by Stasys Paulauskas with contributions from Miguel de Vasconcelos Ferreira (Megajoule, Portugal), Mariusz Witonski, Andreas Wagner and Janis Meirans (Baltic Wind Park, Latvia).

Andreas Wagner (German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation) holding the presentation Wind panel discussion during 2nd stakeholder event in Vilnius, Lithuania

Presentation downloads and list of participants

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