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CORPI - Coastal Research and Planning Institute

Project responsibilities

Klaipeda University Coastal Research and Planning Institute - CORPI as the former coordinator of the Interreg III A project POWER has valuable experience and knowledge regarding OWE development potential in Lithuania, Poland and Russia (Kaliningrad oblast). CORPI will adapt the existing study programs in Klaipeda University by adding OWE components to improve the preparation of specialists in this business. During the project CORPI expects to contribute for preparing/adapting the optimal principles of EIA of potential OWE projects including monitoring programmes preparation. CORPI will also take part in the trade fairs and exhibitions in order to promote the OWE potential of the SB region. Through the newly developed maritime cluster in Klaipeda "Baltic valley", CORPI will also contribute to the linkage of OWE related business.


Nerijus Blažauskas
Phone: +370 46 398838
Email: nb@corpi.ku.lt
Homepage: www.corpi.ku.lt


H. Manto 84
LT-92294 Klaipeda

Partner information

CORPI – Coastal Research and Planning Institute is a research and education unit within Klaipeda University. It focuses on fundamental and applied scientific research as well as environmental consulting in the fields of integrated coastal zone management, sea use planning, environmental impact and risk assessment, geological and geophysical, biological and ecological investigations, ecosystem modeling, environmental monitoring, including monitoring on the impact on marine environment from various offshore activities (baseline studies, operational activities impacts), etc. Coordinator of former Interreg III A project “POWER- Perspectives of Offshore Wind Energy development in marine areas of Lithuania, Poland and Russia”. Recently is providing a full range EIA studies for potential offshore locations in Lithuanian EEZ.

Reason for participating in “South Baltic OFFER”

An offshore wind energy development in Lithuania requires a clear operational knowledge as well as legislative background/setting. Contributing to the development and participating of offshore wind energy community/network hopefully will facilitate the potential investments to this field of marine activities, helps avoiding the potential conflicts and allows solving existing ones.

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South Baltic Offshore Wind Energy Vision - Recommendations for a sustainable development of offshore wind energy

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Social Compatibility of Offshore Wind Energy

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Map showcasing offshore wind energy projects in the South Baltic available for

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1-3 December 2015 EWEA OFFSHORE 2015

in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Rostock Business and Technology Development GmbH

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Project Management and Communication

REM · Consult

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