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Polish Wind Energy Society

Project responsibilities

PWES will co-organize stakeholder events about political aspects, co-organise the visit of the boat exhibition to Gdansk/Gdynia and local and cross-border business events to facilitate cross-border cooperation in the industry. Based on this PWES is interested in improving conditions for R&E and innovation transfer into the industry and will help prepare an information/databases for education courses concerning the OWE sector.


Maciej Bartmanski
Phone: +48 58 342 25 69
Email: ptew@ptew.pl
Homepage: www.ptew.pl


ul. Jaskowa Dolina 75
PL-80-286 Gdansk

Partner information

Polish Wind Energy Society (PWES) was founded in 1997. Since the time of establishment the Society has been active in the field of wind energy promotion through disseminating knowledge on various aspects of wind energy investments, active participation in legislative initiatives aiming at improvement of investment conditions.

In recent years PWES has focused at the field of the offshore wind energy that remains at early development stage in Poland, due to existing legal barriers resulting from irrelevant regulations which had been created for the offshore gas & oil sector. Therefore, the Society has been playing active role in supporting the process of legal, institutional and organizational changes enabling development of the offshore wind energy in Poland. Therefore, PWES is a member of advisory bodies, such as the Polish Consultancy Council for Renewable Energy organized by the Polish Economic Chamber of Renewable Energy, Advisory Group for Wind Energy Development, by the Ministry of Economy.

To achieve the objectives aiming at creation of the favourable investment conditions for the offshore wind energy, PWES co-operates with national and foreign scientific and research and development centres and other institutions. At the national level, the Society has been co-operating with major scientific institutions and energy agencies as well as companies active at the wind and renewable energy market.

Reason for participating in “South Baltic OFFER”

International co-operation of the Society is conducted mostly within the EU-financed projects, which enable transfer of relevant experience. So far, the Society participated in the following international initiatives and projects:

  • 2006-2008: POWER project, developed in co-operation of Poland, Lithuania and Russia. The main goal was to designate suitable areas of the offshore wind farm location on the South-Eastern Baltic Sea,
  • 2007: PWES became a co-founder of the Baltic Offshore Energy Cluster (BOSEC),
  • 2008: PWES organized an international conference “Offshore wind energy development on the Baltic Sea - chances & opportunities” that was held in Gdansk
  • 2009: organization of the offshore wind energy session within frameworks of the International Renewable Energy Congress “Green Power 2009”, in Poznan,
  • 2009: participation in the foundation process of the “Polish Offshore Grid”
  • 2010: joining the consortia implementing international projects, co-financed by the South Baltic Program:South Baltic Offshore Wind Energy Regions – South Baltic Offer, Wind Energy in the Baltic Sea Region – the extension.

PWES has also been a member of the major wind energy associations – the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) and the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA).

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South Baltic Offshore Wind Energy Vision - Recommendations for a sustainable development of offshore wind energy

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1-3 December 2015 EWEA OFFSHORE 2015

in Copenhagen, Denmark

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