Report on Road Show in Gdańsk

Road Shows - popular science seminars on Offshore Wind Energy were held in two seaside communes of Poland: Ustka (24 October 2012) and Smołdzino (25 October 2012). Together, 63 representatives of local communities took part in it. Participants’ profile was very much diversified: from secondary school students to people professionally involved in ecological issues. We had pleasure to meet with people who really want to acquire and expand their knowledge, get to know other points of view and discuss.  There were several radio broadcasts about the event in Smołdzino and SB OFF.E.R Project, before and after it, which is another step ahead in the field of communication and promotion.

Seminars were conducted by the representative of DTU Wind Energy – Witold Skrzypiński who has been approaching technological issues, and invited expert - Mariusz Wójcik who is professionally involved in offshore wind energy investments in Poland.

There were several presentations shown:

Aleksandra Jędrzejewska, Agnieszka Miszewska, Henryk Zemsta (POMCERT, PL): Introduction to Offshore Wind Energy

Mariusz Wójcik (Grupa Doradcza SMDI, PL): Offshore Wind Energy

  • Offshore wind energy in Europe and Poland
  • Offshore wind farms. What does it mean for the country and regions?
  • Polish and foreign experiences
  • What should be done to develop OWE industry in Poland?
  • How turbines are installed on a sea?
  • Environmental impact of OWF
  • Researches on marine environment
  • Considering local communities interests

Witold Skrzypiński (DTU Wind Energy, DK): Design and construction of offshore wind farms

  • Design standards and requirements
  • Wind turbine classes
  • Wind turbine layout within a farm
  • Foundations
  • High-altitude wind-energy

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