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Public Institution Strategic Self-Management Institute (SSI), Lithuania

Project responsibilities

SSI is responsible for coordination of activities on tasks 3.3, 3.4, 5.3 and overall C5


Prof. Dr. Stasys Paulauskas
Phone: +37046350 560
Email: ssi@eksponente.lt


Baltijos pr. 123-61
93224 Klaipeda

Regional information

Klaipeda region is located on Baltic Sea coast in Western side of Republic of Lithuania. Klaipeda harbor is the biggest industrial and cultural center of the region. 6540 km˛ of Baltic Sea is economical zone of Lithuania. There is concentrated maritime economy with ship building, repair, cargo load, shipping, fisheries and resort areas. There is unique nature with Curonian lagoon and peninsula, which is under protection of UNESCO. Maritime culture is developing by efforts of many faculties of Klaipeda University, colleges, vocational training schools and NGO’s.

However, Klaipeda region uses energy sources from other regions of the State.  Electricity is delivering from electricity stations located in opposite side of country trough 400 km and longer networks, what is related to energy lose and dependency.

Thanks to active efforts of Renewable energy scientists, developers and Lithuanian Wind Energy Association the wind energy is developing in Klaipeda region. Starting from 2002 there are more as 100 MW of wind power stations installed. This opens possibilities to produce own renewable energy and use it for own needs.

In 2006-2008 Strategic Self-Management Institute together with partners made very important work – they were investigated perspectives of offshore wind energy development in economical zone of Lithuania (INTERREG IIIa project POWER). They discovered possibilities to establish large offshore wind power parks and develop offshore wind energy cluster activities. More as 1GW or half of Lithuania electricity demand could be produced in offshore wind parks.

Scientists and developers of Klaipeda region are sure, that participation in South Baltic program projects related to energy is the right way for assure energy independence and increasing of innovative industries and work places in the region.

Partner information

Strategic Self-Management Institute (SSI) is clustering public institution of scientific researches active acting in fields of innovations from 1991. It’s located in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Author methodologies of Virtualics, Strategic Self-management also synthesized concepts of Sustainable Innovation and Responsible energy gave possibilities to forecast development flow and modelling of many branches of economy and culture in own country and worldwide. Advanced methodology was applied to Lithuanian maritime economy, fishery, telecommunications, IT, educations, science and many other branches of society’s activities. More as 150 scientific researches and innovations projects were implemented.

SSI is experienced in wind energy scientific researches, innovations and practical activity from 1993. She is initiator and main scientific and organisational supporter of wind power economy branch formation in Lithuania. Prof. Dr. Stasys Paulauskas is President of Lithuanian Wind Energy Association. Aleksandras Paulauskas is director of this organisation. They are lectors of Innovation Academy on subjects of RES and Wind energy, authors of distance learning courses on sustainable wind energy. Participating in POWER projects they made the most significant tasks related to technological development, economic modelling, social compatibility virtual studies, interconnections and dissemination. They created the idea of Baltic Offshore Energy Cluster and made first steps in this direction. SSI and Lithuanian Wind Energy Association are the main providers and supporters of Lithuanian energy transition to sustainable and responsible quality now.

SSI participates in two Leonardo da Vinci projects: eWindTech – Creation of virtual simulators on Wind turbine maintenance and EMPRES – European Management Program on Renewable Energy Sources. Moreover, the institution is involved in four South Baltic programme projects: LED – Lighting in Public Space; SB- OFFER – South Baltic offshore wind energy regions, WEBSR2 – Wind Energy in Baltic region 2 – extension and Sustainable RES-Chains (the Lithuanian newsletter can be found here).

Please find offshore wind energy related publication in Lithuania on this link: http://www.lsveikata.lt/eko-raktas/aplinkosauga/19-aplinkosauga/2436-nra-statymo-leidianio-vjo-jgainms-bristi-jr.html

Reason for participating in “South Baltic OFFER”

To make investigations and create practical applications for joining scientific, business and policy forces for responsible use of sensitive marine areas, seeking to support inhabitants of South Baltic (and overall Baltic Sea) with sustainable and secure offshore energy. We hope that together with partners of SB-OFFER project this aim will be more achievable.

We would like to design and realize pilot application on establishing, support and arrangement of really working offshore wind energy cluster as part of overall Baltic Offshore energy Cluster BOSEC, which is in our long-term planes. All in all, scientists and developers of Klaipeda region are sure, that participation in South Baltic program projects related to energy is the right way for assure energy independence and increasing of innovative industries and work places in the region.

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