Component 3:


The realisation of offshore wind energy (OWE) ambitions has reached different stages in the five South Baltic countries, ranging from feasibility studies in the eastern to first up- and running offshore wind farms in Denmark and Sweden. Though no planning or construction of wind farms will be financed directly through project funds, the activities within this component will likely lead to a more rapid OWE development in Poland and Lithuania, a more harmonised development also in Germany, Denmark and Sweden, and a better positioning of the South Baltic Offshore Wind Industry in the competition for public and political attention in the region and the EU. DTU Wind Energy, Denmark is the responsible partner for this Component.

Exemplary activities and results: Analysis of key conditions and the state of the art of OWE in the South Baltic area, South Baltic wind resource map, boat exhibition, thematic cross-border stakeholder events, Report "How can the tourism sector in the South Baltic profit from the offshore wind energy?, etc.

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